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Ecotrust Gallery Show

I’m very excited to announce that my Wild Neighbors show is currently on display in Ecotrust’s Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center in Portland’s Pearl District through the middle of September. Next to my past shows at Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters near Oaks Bottom and at Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge itself, the Ecotrust building is perhaps the most fitting venue for this show as Ecotrust’s mission is “to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equity and environmental wellbeing”. I’ve attended several environmentally-focused events at the building in the past and even the building design and operation is focused on conservation.

The show is in the hall gallery on the second floor, outside the Billy Frank Jr. Conference Center. You can check out the event space calendar to plan a time to stop by.

And as always, keep your eyes on the events page for more details of upcoming shows and events.